30 Life Lessons That Shaped Me: A Personal Account

Life is an unpredictable journey full of twists and turns. Along the way, we learn valuable lessons that shape us into the person we are today. As I approach my 30th birthday, I find myself reflecting on the past decade and the many lessons that have helped me grow and evolve. In this personal account, I share 30 life lessons that have had a profound impact on my life.


I turned 29 this Spring and planned to celebrate my birthday with friends on an international trip. I was soooo excited for it.

But we now find ourselves in the middle of global pandemic and with that, travel is not allowed. I’ve honestly enjoyed this time of solitude during quarantine and though I wasn’t able to bring in 29 like I had originally intended I still remain grateful for life, health, and happiness.

It’s all about perspective, ya know!?

So much has changed over the years and I wanted to celebrate that by putting a list together of 30 life lessons I’ve learned before turning 30.




Lesson 1 : Self love and compassion are non negotiable. Its imperative that in order to be at your best for others, you must be balanced within yourself. That goes for friendships and relationships with a partner.

Lesson 2: Mindset is everything. You realize you hold the power when you focus on things you can control, in any situation, and that’s your perspective and mindset at that time.

Lesson 3: Alway remain grateful, even with the littlest things. Showing gratitude for what you have will bring abundance, because you’re never operating from a space of lack.

Lesson 4: Don’t compare yourself to others.

Lesson 5: Don’t be afraid to share your truth. Vulnerability is beautiful.

Lesson 6: You can’t change people. stop trying and release that person with love and light knowing that their battle is not yours to fight.

Lesson 7: Be mindful of who you allow into your space. Your heart, your mind, all of it.

Lesson 8: Trust your intuition. ( If I could rewrite this one 30 times I would ha ha )

Lesson 9: Give yourself time to grow and heal. Never know what someone is going through. Transformation is tough.

Lesson 10: Self care isn’t selfish

Lesson 11: Find the joy in your every day life. I always try to find something in my day that keeps me in a high vibration. Maybe its from playing your favorite song, saying words of affirmation, talking on the phone to someone who makes you happy. Keep that good energy around it’s important to do this for overall health mentally.

Lesson 12: Just go for it! Whatever it is! A job, your crush, a new outfit, a dream vacation. Just go for it, what do you have to lose.

Lesson 13: Be there for yourself, the way you are for others. I’ve had to learn that boundaries aren’t negative but necessary and that with them I am able to protect my own energy by experiencing give and take and balance.

Lesson 14: Don’t ever give up on your dreams!

Lesson 15: Take care of your parents.

Lesson 16: Let go of grudges. It’s toxic.

Lesson 17: true friendship is a beautiful thing. Be sure to choose your friends wisely.

Lesson 18: Bet on yourself every time! If you don’t believe in (you) how do you expect anyone else to?

Lesson 19: Silence self doubt – that voice in your head telling you “no” , “don’t” “you’re not ready”. . . don’t feed into fear. God won’t place anything on you that you can’t handle

Lesson 20: Your past doesn’t define you. Everyone makes decisions that “at the time” seemed valid and just; but that doesn’t mean people can’t grow and evolve and be completely in a different mindet years later.

Lesson 21: Establish an outlet. Whether its writing, drawing, traveling, anything! Have an outlet for you to release and remain in your zen.

Lesson 22: SPEAK UP! When you find your voice, you’re going to use it and love it. Speak your truth and always say how you feel. It’ll eat at you if you don’t.

Lesson 23: Don’t rush love.

Lesson 24: Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. society gave us a timeline, God gave us a calling. Use however much time you need to align with her purpose.

Lesson 25: Welcome adversity and find the strength to overcome.

Lesson 26: You can be sad, mad, and upset. just don’t sit there for too long. its counterproductive.

Lesson 27: Believe in something. Acknowledge that there is a higher source watching over you.

Lesson 28: Accept help. You can accomplish so much more with the help of a team.

Lesson 29: Set goals and work towards them realitistically. I remember saying ” oh by this age I would have x y z…” and now I enjoy taking each day at a time and accomplish goals at my own pace. no rush.

Lesson 30: Embody all that you are and lovingly present that to the world. Its a beautiful and empowering feeling to be at peace with your past, enlightened by your present, and excited for the future!

What life lesson would you add to the list? Let me know in the comments.

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