5 ways to treat yourself this Valentines Day 💖

Happy love month! February is the time of year where store shelves go from holiday decor to oooo la la loveeee ha ha In this…


Happy love month! February is the time of year where store shelves go from holiday decor to oooo la la loveeee ha ha

In this post let’s talk about self care and ways you can feel good about yourself this Valentine’s Day and beyond!

A bit of self care never hurt no one : D

  1. Book your dream trip! (this one is my personal favorite)

NO! You don’t have to spend a ton of money to make your vacation dreams come true. Whether you’re going with your boo, your girls, or solo!

MAJOR TIP ALERT :: Before I book anything, I always check out Google Flights and set notifications for pricing so I can catch a deal. It works every time!

Research shows that Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays are the best days to fly budget wise. To get the most bang for your buck when buying a flight ticket, try to book your flights nearly a month or two ahead of your trip! Not to mention booking flight and hotel packages, could save you up to 40% compared to booking them separately.

So don’t stall girl! GO! ✈️

If you’re looking to go somewhere tropicalin the mountains, or coastal, check out my free travel guides to learn more about those cool destinations!

Each Guide comes with an in-depth blog post and video VLOGS filled with everything you need to know before you go!


2. Get lost in a new book!

Yes… reading on a iPad or digital device can count lol These days we can become so consumed with our digital lives that being able to sit down and enjoy a good book can seem impossible with so many things vying for your attention.

But… you can do it! I just love the idea of enjoying a good book! Whether its fun, fiction or super charged with new information to learn.

What are you reading currently?

3. “Self love isn’t selfish” Spa Day

Now I know you’re thinking “oh wow a trip to the spa is such a typical thing to add to the list” ha ha

But a spa day is honestly my go to for decompressing.

In Florida, I went to Blush Bar Tampa, the owner Aicha is good friend of mine and has such passion and knowledge for skincare!

As a treat to myself, I got a facial and Vajacial

I enjoy getting facials seasonally and incorporating the service into my regular skincare routine. I’m able to do a lot of the upkeep at home and get a deep cleanse with a professional at the spa. Its so worth it!

Now I will admit I had never heard of a Vajacial until recently and saw that the spa in my area offered it so I said why not ha ha

What is a Vajacial?

A skincare system similar to a facial, that treats in-grown hairs, removes dead skin cells and smooths bumps around the bikini line. Preventing acne and helps maintain healthy, hydrated skin.

Does it hurt?

It wasn’t painful at all, it was actually very relaxing and the mask had a cooling sensation infused with natural ingredients and oils. Its awesome!

How long does it take?

Around 10-20 minutes tops!

How much does it cost?

Every location is different. For the spa that I went to the Vajacial was around 40$ USD


4. Give back to your favorite charity

I LOVE THIS IDEA! Normally we find ourselves spending a lot of money on gifts during this time of year. But what if we used love month to give back to the community?

There are so many amazing charities locally and globally that could use your support.

Use this website to research a charity that aligns with your values and interests to find out how you can support!

I’m sharing on my Instagram some of the amazing charities in my area, that I believe in and support!


5. Buy yourself flowers!

I am serious! If something as simple as having flowers delivered to your office or doorstep puts you in a good mood then do it!

There’s tons of companies to choose from, you can buy local or order fresh flowers online.

In Florida, there’s a mobile floral truck called Posies that everyone loves!

I LOVE white roses, what’s your favorite?


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