About Aubrey



Aubrey Jackson is a former news anchor turned published travel writer and professional

travel planner, specializing in luxury leisure travel. With an impressive 6+ year
broadcasting career, Aubrey made a living out of sharing the countless stories of others
and now prides herself on being able to share stories on her own terms while
encouraging others to fill the pages of their book of life, by way of travel.

ImAubreyJackson.com is designed to be a resource for travel enthusiasts and
wanderlusters alike, who value and look for in-depth content, trusted reviews, along with
guides and videos that one can count on as they plan their next luxurious adventure.

Once you’ve decided on a destination, in which to plant your roots, Aubrey as a licensed
Realtor® in the state of Florida, can gladly represent you in the process of finding and
purchasing the home of your dreams.

As an entrepreneur and travel professional, Aubrey has served as an on-air expert and
in person for panel discussions. When she is not traveling or boldly representing her
clients, she is advocating for adopted youth. As an adoptee herself, whose adoption
was finalized in the state of Florida, a closed adoption state that does not allow
adoptee’s acess to their original birth certificate, she is passionate about aligning herself
with programs and causes that directly benefit youth in foster care and further amplify
adoptee voices.

In 2021, with the help of private investigative support, Aubrey met her birth family and is
thrilled to have the chance, after 10+ years of searching, to build a strong bond with her
relatives. Aubrey serves on the board of Adoptees United, an organization led by
adoptees in the United States that represent the interests of all adoptees, whether
domestic, intercountry, transracial, or former foster youth.

Aubrey is available for speaking engagements and media interviews. 

Please send press inquiries to Aubrey@imAubreyJackson.com

Topics of expertise:

  • Luxury Travel Destinations
  • Luxury Hotels
  • Aviation Industry
  • Digital Marketing/ Public Relations
  • Social Media Content Creation
  • Broadcast Journalism
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Real Estate Transactions (Buying/Selling)
  • Adoptee Rights
  • Adoption Legislation


Launched in 2017, ImAubreyJackson.com has been remained a valuable resource to
those in the travel and leisure space. Aubrey, serving as the creator, behind the blog,
has partnered with various destination tourism boards, such as, but not limited to,
Nantucket, Florida, and Costa Rica, along with hotel groups such as, but not limited to,
Autograph Collection Hotels, Hyatt and Andaz properties. Click here to learn more
about Aubrey’s audience, reach, and past collaborations.