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I’m Aubrey, a fun-loving content creator, former News Anchor, trusted licensed realtor, and luxury travel agent.

With expertise in serving relocation clients, veteran and millennial home buyers and sellers. Along with overseeing travel planning for luxury leisure, group trips, cultural immersion, and honeymoons.

As a former news anchor, I am passionate about storytelling and sharing my love of travel, real estate and personal development with a collective audience of over 50,000 ‘good vibe’ enthusiasts across social media! My ‘wanderlust’ started at an early age when I travelled the world with my parents who were serving in the Navy.

Hopping from destination to destination, I learned that there is so much to see in our world and a lot of what we (think) divides us, is actually what unites us!

Whether you’re in need of a destination recommendation or looking for the perfect place to call home, I am your “go-to girl” for all things travel and real estate.

I strive to be an amazing resource by providing meaningful content on my blog and social channels, you will find things to see and do locally in the sunshine state and all over the world as part of my personal recommendations paired with insight on how to utilize real estate to obtain wealth and reach your goals plus how to look good doing it!

When I am not in “work mode” you can probably find me at the gym getting a good workout in or relaxing on the beach to align and find my zen!

Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment, send an email or DM if you have questions or just want to say ‘hi’! 

Thank you so much for being here and I hope you leave feeling informed and empowered!

Your virtual BFF,

Aubrey Jackson

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I am passionate about sharing my love for travel with my collective audience of over 50,000 travel enthusiasts across social media! I strive to be an amazing resource for young adults seeking meaningful content centered around travel and personal development. On my blog and social channels, I create content that inspires people to “buy and book,” with my 12-17% engagement rate. After years of working as a TV news Anchor and Reporter in the U.S., Ioffer content that is engaging and informative and serves as a trusted resource for  those looking to “know before they go”. 

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