Airplane Travel Snacks For Under $30

  • You can easily spend a lot of money gearing up for a trip. Whether you’re traveling domestic or international. Let’s be honest airport food is expensive. I want to share how I’ve been able to save money by doing a little pre-trip prep work!


On a recent international trip, I challenged myself to only spend money at the airport if it was necessary ( say if I needed to get a water bottle or something) but food wise I wanted to pack snacks and avoid overpaying in the terminal.

According to the US Travel Association, $1,036 billion dollars was spent on traveling in 2017. $718.4 billion of that was accounted for leisure travel spending in 2017 and on average, Americans will spend $1,978 on summer vacations.

Rising costs are just another reason that you might consider packing your snacks to save in the long run.


I decided to visit my local Dollar Store and see what TSA approved snacks I could find.

I bought my lunch bag for less than 12 dollars at another store and was able to fit most of everything inside.

What I bought:

2 fruit and grain bars

2 Cheez It (four packs)

Planters travel size salted peanuts

Oreo cookies travel size snack pack

2 Skinny Pop popcorn in white cheddar

BBQ Pork Rinds

Kit Kat minis

Resse minis

Pringles grab and go travel size snack

Pineapple pack and go set of 6

  • I bought travel size fruit cups and multivitamin gummy’s from another store so that I have a balance of sweet, salty and savory items snack wise.

In total I purchased around 15 snack items.

Bringing my grand total for everything to $23.77

  • that price includes buying napkins, plastic ware, etc. Great deal right?!

If you’re unsure what food items you can take with you on a flight check the TSA prohibited/allowed foods list.

What are some of the things you do before a trip or vacation to try and save money?! SHARE YOUR TIPS IN THE COMMENTS BELOW

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