Are gel nail extensions healthier? Let’s find out!


What are gel nail extensions?

Gel nail extensions are made from the same gel that gel polish is made of. It allows you to add length to your regular nails like a press-on, but are still as strong and long-lasting as acrylics, without using powder or harsh chemicals.

How does it work?

A thin layer of a thick, clear gel is applied to your natural nail. After that you’ll place your nail, with the nail extension on top, underneath an LED light to bond and cure it.

How long does it last?

Your gel nail extensions can last up to three weeks or more , according to my nail tech Alyssa and the Aprés’ website, but it could also last you as long as a gel manicure would, depending on your natural nail growth.


Acrylics are on of the most popular artificial nail that’s a combination of a liquid and powder used to create a hard, protective layer over the natural nail.

The FDA banned some of the chemicals that were found in acrylic nail solutions, like methyl Methacrylate. Some salons still use products containing it. Other potentially toxic chemicals that can be found in acrylics are toluene and acetonitrile, both of which can cause skin irritation, respiratory issues, and in more serious cases, kidney and eye damage.

Gel polish is arguably safer and healthier than acrylics, however, its been shown to that gel nails could make your nails weaker over time if you remove them imporperly. There is also the concern of using a UV lamp to cure the polish, but experts say that the risk of malignant cancer because of nail lamps is extremely low, according to WebMD.


I normally get gel polish overlay on my natural nail and keep my nails low in length, but today I went with a medium length, stiletto point, white matte nail with no design. It cost me around $75 dollars for the set and took less than 2 hours.



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