Come with me to the Obama White House

What is the one place in the USA you would love to visit if given the opportunity? The answer to that question, for me, has always been the White House!
My mother is from DC and would always tell me about the sights and sounds of DC and never forgot to mention the White House. It was my moms daily stories that built up my interest over the years and I finally had the opportunity to visit the White House in person!
Selfie in front of the White House lawn.
I went to visit the White House the day before President Obama’s birthday! It was such a moving experience to see the First Family’s photos on the wall and to know that I stepped foot in the White House during the historic Obama Administration term.
How cool is the photo in the middle? Barack, Michelle, and Stevie Wonder!
Look at the gorgeous view of the White House!  I saw this angle at the beginning of the tour and snapped a quick photo with my Iphone!
Once you are let inside you are able to go through the tour solo as a self guide, here’s a few photos of the rooms seen during the tour.
The photo below is the GREEN ROOM.
I took a photo standing inside the RED ROOM. Everything is so beautifully decorated.
The dining room has a large photo of Lincoln on the wall and a gorgeous chandelier.
The tour in total was mostly if not all the first floor of the White House leading you out the main doors onto the White House lawn. It was so amazing to have the chance to see everything in person, and learn more about the country’s history and leaders. I would definitely recommend that if you have not already done so, sign up for a tour! I do have to remind you that signing up for a White House tour takes TIME! I received an approval email about 6 months after putting in my request.
Another tip, avoid bringing a bag, its just less stressful when you get to the check in gate. I brought my iphone and ID and was let in through the several security checkpoints with no hassle at all.
COMMENT BELOW if you have any other questions regarding the White House tour!

Fashion details: Dress is from Macy’s, Shoes are from Nine West.

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