See The Sights Of Washington, DC Alongside Me!

Join me on an unforgettable journey to the nation’s capital and experience the rich history, diverse culture, and iconic landmarks of Washington, DC. From the grandeur of the National Mall to the bustling streets of Georgetown, we’ll discover the city’s hidden gems and must-see attractions.


My recent trip to DC afforded me the opportunity to see the many places that make the city amazing! I hit the ground running during my first full day in town and went to all of the major tourism sites in the city!
I started my day off with a visit to the Lincoln Memorial! The last time I saw the memorial was in the 8th grade!
There were so many people taking in the views, snapping photos, and being in full on tourist mode, like me! lol
Since the Lincoln Memorial and the MLK monument are right down the street from each other I took a brief walk to see the monument myself!
The MLK monument is surrounded by MLK quotes that are written on the walls. This quote here really stood out to me. “We shall overcome because the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
From the monuments and memorials to the NEWSEUM! I have always wanted to visit the newseum! Not only because I work in news, but I also had heard so many great things about the museum and just had to see it all for myself!unspecified-1
In the beginning of the tour there was a section dedicated to a look at how the news covers terrorism attacks, a look at how Russian spies have been captured, and so much more. It was really interesting to see all of the articles and items that the newseum had on display for each topic.
You can’t visit the newseum without taking a picture at their “news desk”! They also have a floor that is set up like a newsroom with a prompter and everything! So much fun!
How amazing is this view?! This photo was taken from the rooftop of the Newseum!
I also had the chance visit China Town in DC. This beautifully designed arch in the photo serves as the welcome to the area!
And to round out my DC trip I went to the White House! My first time ever! I did a White House tour and had a blast!
I even made friends with the Secret Service while I was there! I can’t wait to go back to the city and see much more!
What is your favorite place to visit while in DC? Comment below.

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