Create & Cultivate Vision Summit in Miami – Is it worth it?

Aubrey and Adrienne Bosh Hi babes! Over the weekend I traveled to Miami and went to my first ever Create and Cultivate Vision Summit. The…

Aubrey and Adrienne Bosh

Hi babes! Over the weekend I traveled to Miami and went to my first ever Create and Cultivate Vision Summit. The day was filled with panels, workshops, pop ups, and networking!

The Vision Summit is a bit different from their main conference, its just as fun and informative but on a smaller, more localized scale.

Here’s a fun highlight video I put together:

(PRESS PLAY) Come with me to the Create & Cultivate Vision Summit



Aubrey and Iskra Lawrence

A little background for you, Create & Cultivate is an online platform that hosts an offline conference created by Jaclyn Johnson. The conference is for women looking to create & cultivate the career of their dreams.

According to

“We gather the next generation of curious creatives, entrepreneurs and bosses to spark conversation around the topics they are passionate about from building your business to raising money, we hit all the topics for modern working women.”


Aubrey & Amanda

I went to the conference with my sorority sister, Amanda. She and I have followed C&C for a while and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to see what the Summit is like! It was also art Basel weekend, which was a lot of fun!

My favorite panel would have to be the visionaries panel where with Iskra Lawrence and Adrienne Bosh. They were so humble and transparent on stage and spoke about their journey to success, financial independence, and how they identify their goals.

During the panel Iskra said ” I was told multiple times that I wasn’t good enough for modeling agencies, so instead of trying to change myself I decided that I will change the industry”

That spoke VOLUMES to me, because I know the years of internal work it took for me to become the confident woman that I am today; and I know that as women we have added pressures that come with not only being a woman, but when you throw business, finance, and entrepreneurship into the mix, its intense.



Tickets for the Summit were around $200, they serve breakfast, lunch and had other light refreshments on hand throughout the day. Registration was around 9:30am and the keynote speech happened after 4pm. It was a jam packed day, but a great experience overall.

If you were to ask me “is the summit worth it” I would reply by asking you “what are your goals, what are you looking to gain from attending ?”

I say that because anyone could go to a C&C summit or a C&C conference and get cute pics for instagram, but its really about the networking opportunities or the chance to learn something new for your business or personal brand. Going in with an idea of how to make the whole experience fun, informative, and in your best interest…is all up to… YOU!

Honestly, I did tons of research on the C&C summits before attending, reading their website for new info, checking for youtube videos for VLOGS that could give me even more insight. I have a journalism background so I tend to “deep dive” with my research antics ha ha

one of the instagram pop ups!


Would you attend a Create and Cultivate conference or summit? Who would you bring along with you?


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