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I would say that because I work in media, I have to keep a fresh wardrobe, but honestly if I wasn’t a TV journalist I would still be fashion obsessed. My grandmother, my mom, all of the women around me growing up would show their personality through their clothes and that is why I love finding creative ways to express myself through fashion.
I love the concept behind Le Tote! Not only does it help cut shopping costs but also gives you total control of what items you receive to style and wear!
Heres how it works:
Le Tote is a personal styling service that sends you 5 items that you can keep and wear for as long as you want. Once you are done you simply ship them back and get a new box of 5 new items. The cost is $50/month (FLAT RATE), shipping is FREE both ways and there’s no limit on how many boxes you can get in a month. Hello endless wardrobe : – )
when you sign up for Le Tote you can create your “closet” by selecting items from various collections! Adding items to your closet is kind of like putting items on your wish list or inside of a shopping cart. The items you select for your closet will get priority if they’re available and go inside your tote. If not, a Le Tote stylist will send you something else based on your closet choices and availability.
Here’s what came in my tote this week!  dsc07037
Again each box comes with 5 items total – three clothing items and two accessories. The items you receive have been worn by others and Le Tote will wash/clean the items before shipping them out to you. So there could be some wear and/or tear on the clothes. I did not have that experience with my items though.
I paired this striped blouse with my white jeans and white heels from Guess! This is the perfect casual yet chic look!
What I love the most about Le Tote aside from the super cute fashion is the ability to make changes to your tote items! When your tote is ready you will get an email (or text if you select that option) to let you know that your box has been styled and if there is anything that you don’t want you can log into your account and swap it out for something else!
The concept is brilliant and I can’t wait to see what comes in my next tote!
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