Flying Economy vs Economy Plus | What’s the difference?

Hi Babes! I recently flew 20 + hours sitting in economy and economy plus on Delta. Both experiences were interesting and I want to share the pros and cons with you before you book a ticket of your own!

Video review:

Here’s a look at the seating differences according to for the Economy vs Economy + seating:

Also, When selecting Delta Comfort + you have access to seat selection prior to check-in. . Delta now allows basic economy passengers to pick a seat within the final few days before departure – for a fee.

Delta Basic Economy Pick Seat

I felt overall that sitting in economy and economy + had its differences when it came to space and comfort. They are similar when it comes to food, entertainment, and travel kits supplied.

For flights 4hours and under I would fly economy just because you can’t beat the price and thats a super quick flight, for domestic flights 5 hours and over I would choose economy + . For international flights I would definitely go with premium seating because when you are sitting for that amount of time comfort and space are of high importance.

How do you like to fly? Is there a certain airline or seating that you go with?

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