How I bought my first house in my 20’s

The home buying process is so layered and can be difficult without the proper support and understanding. Before I became a licensed realtor I bought and sold property and learned so much along the way.


**editors note, Since filming this video, I have obtained my license as a Real Estate Agent, specializing in the Florida and Texas markets. Click here to see which homes are available in your state and to schedule a call.I’d love to help you find your dream home within your budget.  

I will never forget when I got the phone call from my realtor saying ” I got the house!”I wanted to scream, dance and cry all at once.

I probably won’t have that kind of emotional whirlwind again until I have kids or something ha ha

When I shared on my blog and social media that I closed on my house last year I was overwhelmed by the love from all of you! I can’t thank you all enough for your sweet words and support.
Buying a house was the most stressful, rewarding and exciting experience I have ever gone through.
I went through the home buying process with someone who is now like family to me.

My realtor and I are so close I know I can go to her for everything. But before she and I had the chance to connect, I was like many others my age,  I was unsure about everything. No idea what to do before hand, how to start looking for a house and no clue what to expect once everything got started.

I decided to open the floor for questions on social media and boy did you all respond! I loved the financial questions, because honestly this process is all about the money. Your budget determines everything. There were also some questions about what type of home to buy, and so much more.

I couldn’t get to all of the questions so I decided to pick out the ones that I saw were common.

Today’s video is all about creating your best life, making boss moves, and growing together. 

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