How to choose the perfect swimsuit for your body type.

The sun is out longer, the days are warmer, and everyone is heading to the beach! I’m spoiled to have the ocean in my backyard. Since moving to Florida I find myself buying a new swimsuit all the time now! ha ha

My body type is considered curvy or hourglass and for the longest I never wore bikini’s and my one piece swimsuits weren’t the right style, color, or fit.

Living near the beach, there are plenty of swimsuit shops in town. When out shopping, I see tons of styles and prints! Overtime I’ve learned what swimsuit style works best for my body type. Today, I want to share my tips with you!


  • Pear shape – Hips are wider than bust /waist.
  • Apple shape – wider in the middle with an undefined waist.
  • Hourglass shape – Bust/hips are relatively same size, with small waist.
  • Straight – Thin all around.

EveryBODY is beautiful and I want this post to be a resource to help you CELEBRATE you shape rather than HIDE it.


It’s all about the upper body! Choose a swimsuit that draws attention to that area using brightly colored tops with solid bottoms. One-piece suits, skirtinis, or tankini sets look great on pear shapes.


It’s all about control and styling! One-piece swimsuits with an empire waist or a wrap silhouette can beautifully camouflage and slim your midsection! If you want to rock a two-piece, try on a swimsuit with a higher waistline for extra tummy coverage. Swimsuits with built-in tummy-control panel is a plus for a pear shapes because it helps bring definition to your shape.


Choose a suit that flatters your full figure. Wear bright colors on areas you want to emphasize and dark colors on areas you want to minimize. Swimsuits with embellished necklines are super cute and help keep eyes focused on the leaner parts of a curvier body.


Swimsuits tops with ruffles, horizontal lines, and designs to create a larger bust. Push-up or padded tops work too! Choose bikini bottoms with belts, skirts, and ruffles to give the appearance of a larger bottom.

What’s your body type? How do you go about shopping for swimsuits?

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