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States have slowly reopened and with the Pandemic and Coronavirus still a reality for all, many are left with the question…

” Is it safe to go out or travel”?

Honestly given these unprecedented times one has to do their own research to reach their own conclusion for what is deemed best.

As a helpful resource, I put this post together to help those looking to staycation safely in 2020.

Let’s start with what we know …

  • Experts suggests that hotels or Airbnbs can be a safe place to stay if they’re following CDC guidelines for COVID-19.
  • Experts urge travelers to avoid crowded areas and refrain from touching common surfaces like doorknobs with your barehands. They also suggests that travelers check with the hotel or Airbnb beforehand to determine what safety protocols are in place.

If you’re booking a rental such as an Airbnb here are some key questions to ask…

  • When was the home last occupied?
  • What’s being done to clean to clean the space for visitors?
  • Are there any restrictions in the city, county, or state I should know about?

If you’re booking a hotel here are some key things to remember…

Continue to follow local and national guidelines such as wearing a mask and consider bringing disinfectants and sanitizers with you to clean high-touch points.

  • Choose your hotel wisely and research the hotel’s plan to protect guests and staff before making the decision to pay and book.
  • Find out what the hotel’s plans are for guests who fall ill during their stay.
  • Ask for a room that hasn’t been occupied by anyone for a few days. Research suggests that coronavirus can live on some surfaces, including plastic and stainless steel, for up to 72 hours.
  • Avoid shared spaces within the hotel like a gym or spa, if possible.
  • If you book, sanitize your room upon entry and open windows for added ventilation.

Ultimately, when staying in a hotel you should consider not only your own vulnerability, but also that of the people you anticipate interacting with.

When deciding to staycation you don’t have to overdo it, a simple weekend away locally can do wonders. giving you a mental and physical break from the space you’ve become accustomed to and relief from the heaviness of whats going on in our world right now.

I spent some time away from home at Hotel Zamora. It was my first time visiting and I made sure to do my research beforehand. What I appreciate is the fact that everyone at the hotel, staff and patrons included, wore their mask and reinforced the CDC guidelines and the importance of following them for everyones safety.

Aesthetically the hotel is beautiful and has a touch of Spanish and Mediterranean culture throughout.

Check out the top deck seating views.

I stayed in the King Premier Suite with garden views, walk in shower, and more than 400 square feet in space. The large windows brought in optimal sunlight.

They have information sheets for on site activities, adjusted hours of operation, etc.

There’s also gym on the floor with plenty of sanitization wipes and products on hand. What makes this location a hidden gem for a #Staycation is the fact that their nightly rate is super affordable, paired with how close it sits near to St. Pete Beach and their amazing roof top views.

Have you planned a staycation or a visit to a destination recently? Share your plans below! I’d love to hear it.

Feel free to refer back to this post as your looking to book or share with others who may the information helpful!

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