Memorial Day Weekend in Chicago

Hi there!
I could not wait to get back home and settled so I could share my fun Memorial Day Weekend adventures! Over the weekend my friends and I drove to Chicago (3 hour drive) and had a blast!

We stayed at the Hyatt Regency on Wacker. The best decision we could have ever made! The hotel sat right in the heart of downtown, conveniently close to great food, shopping ,and tourist spots like “the bean”!

The rooms were spacious, the beds allowed me to have the best sleep i’ve had in a while, and the staff were helpful and friendly.

The hotel had an exquisite restaurant on the bottom floor called Stetsons. I ordered a turkey burger with fries during my stay and loved it!

I had the most amazing breakfast at a local cafe called Wishbone on North Lincoln Ave. They had something for everyone, great prices, and not to mention SHRIMP & GRITS! Which of course made my southern heart happy!

We visited dozens of stores for shopping, attended local downtown party spots, and took the city by storm! I would highly recommend someone to visit Chicago, our weekend stay wasn’t long enough! I can’t wait to make it back to the city!
You can find additional pictures from my trip on my Facebook page

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