Miss South Carolina Pageant | What I learned and tips for you!

I competed in Miss South Carolina for the first time and wanted to share my experience with you!


Hi babes! I’m back from competing in my first ever state pageant! This month I went out for Miss South Carolina USA and had such an amazing time!
I shared my thoughts on it all in my latest Youtube video here:

I’ve always admired the world of pageants growing up and loved how confident and graceful the queens and contestants presented themselves to be. It wasn’t until this season in my life that I decided #GirlWhyNot and I threw my name in and went on to compete for the first time.
I worked with an amazingly talented swimsuit designer and felt like baby Beyonce on stage in my swimsuit.

I had so much love and support locally and feel so blessed to be able to say “I did this” and inspire other girls and women to go for their goals, no matter what it may be!
As I said in the video, though I may not have won the crown physically I carry the crown mentally and that is powerful!

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