Semi permanent makeup | is it worth it?

** One year update is here! woot woot 😀

Hi babes! You’ve probably heard about the micro-blading trend and semi permanent makeup! I decided to get the beauty procedure done because I have always struggled with growing the tails of my eyebrows and wanting to save money overall when it comes to my beauty routine.

During my initial brow appointment I brought my camera along with me! I watched countless videos before getting this procedure done and wanted to show my full experience and healing process! Keep in mind, everyones skin and brows will react and heal differently.

Thanks for the great questions! Here’s some answers to the most common questions I’ve gotten so far.

* Maintenance: Yes you still have brow maintaince after getting your semi permanent makeup done. Including getting your hair growth removed, having a follow up appointment to darken the pigment if needed.

* Pain: I didn’t find the procedure to be painful at all. My brow tech, Mai, put numbing cream on my brows to avoid any irritation and uncomfort.

* Cost: I paid for this service and treat it like an investment. The cost can vary based on the location! Always do your researeach and make sure that the person doing your brows is skilled and knowledgeable. I love that my brow tech was able to suggest the ombré powder brows based on my skin type. She’s not only skilled with the procedure but knows skincare too!

I am scheduled to do a follow up appointment and will bring my camera along with me! Is there anything else you want to see? Comment below!

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