Rain Or Shine: Essential Waterproof Makeup That Will Keep You Looking Great

Refinery 29 asked myself and other amazing women in TV to share makeup must haves! Here’s my list…


Though many people look at Journalists on TV and think of the “glamorous life”, many of us find ourselves having to brave the elements when out in the field and keep an “emergency kit” on hand at all times! ha ha and no its not just filled with band aids or contact solution, but in fact we have several beauty items kept close by for makeup ‘on the go’.

Refinery 29 asked myself and other amazing women in TV to share makeup must haves!

Here’s my list

Clean and clear oil absorbing wipes :

I have oily skin and whether I’m reporting in a cold climate or a humid climate my oil seeps through every time (face palm) and rather than worrying about it, I just keep these travel sized oil absorbing sheets handy so I can blot before an interview or going on camera to avoid shine spots.

Landom Teint Idol foundation:

I SWEAR by this foundation, it is literally the only foundation that keeps my T zone matte for hours without having to blot. Now, I am in no way saying that wearing this foundation means my oily sisters will not (ever) have to blot! However, when using this foundation, I can attest that this formula can keep your skin matte a full work day or close to it, but unfortunately yes girl you will still have to blot the oily away here and there.

Covergirl Mascara:

This mascara is thick in consistency and always makes my lashes look so full and long! There’s been plenty of occasions where I’ve been up reporting the news, running off few hours of sleep and to refresh my look, my go to was great under eye liner and mascara. After trying tons of different brands and styles, I keep the covergirl mascara in my “go bag”.

Here’s a look at the full article of my suggestions along with other amazingly talented women.

What are some of your makeup must haves? Comment below!

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